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Kindle KFX DRM remove failed and solution
Last Updated 2 years ago

Please install the latest version of Epubor Ultimate v3.0.9.1031:

Remove Kindle KFX DRM failed and solution.

Windows version:

Please delete the .ultimate folder. You can find it here:C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\.Ultimate. Also, please delete Epubor_keys folder. You can find it here: C:\Users\username\.Epubor_Keys. Then run Epubor software to remove the DRM.

If you are failed again, please delete the failed books and redownload them again. Run Epubor software to remove the DRM.

Mac version:

To solve your problem, please follow the following steps;
1, Please clear the cache of the Epubor Ultimate. Enter this copy and paste this command to your terminal rm -rf ~/.Ultimate and then press on enter. If you are using other Epubor software, please change.Ultimate to .alldrmremoval or.kindledrmremoval.

2, Open terminal, and then copy this command rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Kindle/storage to the terminal and then press on “enter" to delete all files in Kindle content folder.

Open the terminal and copy the following command to the terminal rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/\ Support/Kindle/storage and then press on “enter”.

Then copy this command rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Kindle and press on “enter” again.

3, Redownload the books and run Epubor software to remove the DRM.

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