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Can't install or launch Epubor software
Last Updated 2 years ago

For Windows OS

This problem is caused by your anti-virus program, while in fact our program is 100% clean and safe.

Our program is available on most of trusted and famous software download sites like CNET, Softpedia, Softonic, etc., which will scan all the uploaded programs to make sure the program doesn't contain any virus or malware. These sites can endorse for us that our programs are 100% clean and safe.

Please try the following method at first.
1. Uninstall the Epubor software
2. Shut down the anti-virus software
3. Download the complete setup pack from our official site
4. Re-install the program and to see if you can launch the program
5. After the program is installed and launched, re-open the anti-virus program and add Epubor software to the white list.

For Mac OS

This is due to the security settings for your Mac. By default your security preferences only allow installation of apps from the Mac App store and identified developers.

To solve this problem, go to System Preferences>Security & Privacy. On the General Tab click the little lock in the lower left corner to unlock the general preference pane. Then select the Anywhere radio button beneath Allow applications downloaded from.

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